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Thank you for visiting our new website. Ginger Retro are expert sellers and purveyors of retro stock such as furniture, household items, and also those uniquely interesting pieces which really bring interest into your home or garden.

At Ginger Retro we believe in great customer service, and always aim to provide our customers with fantastic stock which is reasonably priced.

Please take a look through our website, and remember that if you have any questions we are happy to help.

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Ginger Retro Review

I have brought a few items from Ginger Retro now, and they have great customer service. The furniture items were restored beautifully in 'Shabby Chic' style. The items were all priced competitively. I will definitely be buying from Ginger Retro again!!

Elle Jennings

Ginger Retro Review

I was looking for somthing to fit into my newly decorated living room, and Ginger Retro has just what i needed, a little coffee table that was customised to match my living room perfectly. Very happy with my one of a kind piece.

Diana Rowe